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kenduri kahwin en munzir

March 25, 2009

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Earth Hour 2009

March 24, 2009



Found this in The Star’s Citizen’s Blog. Think it’s funny.

Re: Turning off your lights for Earth Day

nice one from a newspaper from Sabah…

“In Sabah, we already have been practising it for years and against our will,” said Datuk Wilfred Lingham in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the sudden blackouts that sometimes results in going without electricity for hours.

“In Tanjung Aru, it can happen any time. Last Sunday it was more than two hours, on Tuesday about one hour and it occurred again two days ago during breakfast.

“So the call is no big deal to Sabah, rather, it appears to be a joke,” he said, commenting on the “Earth Hour” call to Malaysians in Sabah by visiting WWF Hong Kong marine biologist Dr Lindsay Porter.”

Full article :

lot kedai untuk disewa

March 17, 2009

Tempat : Kelana Mall (belakang Giant Kelana Jaya)

Saiz : 64 kaki persegi

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi En Nad.

Terima kasih.

senyap je II

March 9, 2009


Semua sibuk sekarang..

Bahasa Melayu ke Bahasa Inggeris?

Apa kata anda?


“We are all products of KBSR & KBSM, policy made in time of languange nationalism was at it’s peak.

Anybody who has read Freakonomics by Steven Levitt would agree with me that the central theme of the book has much relevance with this issue. The power of data mining and affirmative action in policy making in a much larger time frame would definitely give an extra weightage on verifying or nullifying assumptions made for any policy in the past, present or in the future. 6 years is heck not a lot of time. We should start asking the right questions.

It is easy to see why Science and Mathematics were chosen over 10 over different subjects. The concepts and principles behind science and mathematics syllabus are immutable. Regardless of what language the subjects being taught, the idea is still intact. “Chlorophyll is part of the process for plant to make simple sugar” or “klorofil adalah salah satu komponen dalam proses tumbuhan untuk membuat gula mudah” is essentially the same thing. There is no other way of saying this. This essentially eliminates the reasoning part. Science and mathematics is about rationalizing. If you want to improve English profiency, why not go for History since the subject reuires more reading, even more jargons will be used. But History is about interpreting sequence of events which can get a little bit complicated. You don’t to allow things to get complicated too soon, too fast.

Having said that, the policy is also about eliminating the ‘duality’ process. People with different language as their ‘mother tongue’ will tend to go into process of translation to make sense of what’s going on. I noticed this happened with young engineers, they translates your questions, go into motion looking for answer in Malay, translating the answer back into English before getting back to me. At that point, I gained an extra white hair which I don’t need. But with early acclimatization, this unnecessary mental process can be eliminated.

I know that orang kampong and their children have some difficulties in embracing this policy. It is not the problem of people not understanding the language; it is a problem of understanding the subject itself. There is no guarantee that if the subjects are in Malay, it will improve their achievement. Not a chance. We are not solving root cause or the deep seated problem. I dare to say that Malaysia is not really an ideal environment for inquisitive mind, the basis for technologically competent society. It is the cultural background, divided by economic disparity of urban and rural people.

I have always believe that for responsibility of goverment of the day must rise above political interest on two things: education and healthcare. it is disheartening to see a slow process of deprivation starting to take place

Just to quote Obama (although I hate Joe Biden and Rahm Emanual) ‘things will get worse before it can get better’. This is one of those things.”


Katak, Belfast