10YRS ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – 1st meeting, 01012008

Dear everybody,

here is the the outcome of the meeting.

– We will register a society for 9498 members. The committee is in the process of gathering all the necessary info to get this done. And as usual, a fee would be imposed to members to get benefits and such.

– Our 10YEARS SUPER MEGA COOL GRAND CELEBRATION (maoi suruh aku tulis camni) will be held on 12 – 14 Dec 2008 (12 Dec 2008 = Friday). details to come as soon as it is finalized.

– Other events/activities will be planned and announced from time to time. you guys are also free to suggest any activity/event.

Anybody who has any ideas on how to raise funds for our batch are welcomed to convey their ideas to the treasury/fundraising committee.

– One of the suggestions is to set up an agency to handle 9498 members’ (and friends and families) roadtax and insurance renewal process. so a new column will be created in the database i.e. “vehicle roadtax expiry date”…all of you are required to email Amin to update this info, and also to any 9498 who hasn’t updated their info in the database, please do so a.s.a.p

for transparency, below are the committee members…


President Chairman: Nad

VP1: Hadi

VP2: Maoi

Event Committee: Bob

Treasury/Fundraising Committee: Munzir/Zamir

IT Committee: Anas/Azamsyul/Amin

PR Committee: Ladoe/Boruz

Legal Advisor: Poron

Anybody interested to contribute/join in any of the committees, pls contact the names as above. any feedback/suggestions, please rape the comments section.



  1. shaw Says:

    wohoo! AJK batch baru. Keep the fire burning guys..especially utk org2 malas cam aku.

  2. spr Says:

    not very happy to be 2nd to rape to comments section.

    Sorry aku tak penah celebrate anniversary tapi sebab taun nie 10YSMCC, aku akan cubelah berlayar pulang. lagi pon aku tak puas hati ngan peah asyik kutuk aku long distance. komeng plak ajak2 ayam.

    anyway cukuplah merepek… happy new year! aku harap korang sume prosper taun nie, bikin duit yg banyak, untuk yg akan dapat anak taun nie aku ucapkan “anak ko tak urban” dan banyak lagi laa isi hati aku yg tak dapat aku nak luahkan… nanti jelah aku cite

  3. spr Says:

    amin: insurance aku mati bulan 2

  4. amin r Says:

    haa orait la tu sparrow, guna kereta kau jadi teksi untuk budak form 1 dari stesen keretapi.

    malang sekali la tokei, insurance kereta oklahoma tak kira.

  5. spr Says:

    aku dah agak dah aku mesti diadik tirikan

  6. En. Zamir Says:

    As usual, tuka topic haha bebudak US la punye keje ni…tp bebudak US ni mmg baik hati sume nye. Bagus, and kitorg kat Malaysia ni sume rindu gile kat korg.So, as 2nd in comand dalam treasury/fundraising committee, aku dengan hati yg suci murni ni nak mintak sponsorship la dari kgkawan kite yg ade kat US sana tu. Semoga sumbangan ikhlas anda dapat lah menambah kan momentum kepada tabung Committee untuk dipenuhkan dengan cepat2. sekian tima kasih.

  7. amin r Says:

    zamir, berapa korang aim? donations are ok, but not really reliable. it shouldn’t be our primary source.

    apa kata organize open futsal tournament ke, rugby, golf ke – doesn’t have to be mcoba related, kalau open, lagi banyak entry. make up la some tournament name. if we market intelligently dapat la raise a more reliable fund.

    also, can we coordinate with mcoba and koop koleq to request special rights for OBW ’08 merchandise sales? i think that’s something we can look into.

    just some suggestions..

  8. peah Says:

    tak bukan diadik tirikan..

    sebenarnya…aku malas ah nak cakap sparrow, tapi aku rase…kau..BELL!!

  9. semaun Says:

    sori kacau gangbang comment ni. reverting back to the subject, heheh.

    next meeting biler? propose date dulu, kalau tak clash dgn schedule lain.

    any ideas/requests for batch website pls shout it here, sms or mail anas/amin/azamsHul.

  10. spr Says:

    concert, “punk not dead?”

    peah ko mmg JUE!

  11. peah Says:

    mmg ah..aku mmg AJK Jue..aku ngan Joe..Joe Jue..

    “punk not death” la..

    hehehe…US mmg suka simpan orang gila ah..diorg tak suruh kau gi cuti kat Guantanamo Bay?

  12. En. Zamir Says:

    Amin, ade a few plans how to raise funds…tp donations from bebudak US sgt2 dialu-alukan

  13. peah Says:

    fuyoo… zamir serious…ssshhh..jangan kacau die nanti die marah…die tengah mood serious ni..

  14. maoi Says:

    semaun : next meeting, 10 Januari 2008, venue = opis nad kat bandar tasik selatan

    amin : memang dlm perancangan untuk wat tournament golf and futsal

  15. semaun Says:

    Jan 10 10pm and above aku ok. Nanti aku tanya nad ofis dia kat mana.

  16. spr Says:

    peah: “punk not dead?” grafiti kat 3 sejahtera. ko bell ape tau. wan harun dah endorse dah ayat nie.

    zamir: ayat ko mmg manis tapi kurang cream. dgn penuh ikhlas aku nak donate nasik order, tapi sayang ade budak tak nak terime.

    committee: aku 2nd idea capitalis amin utk dapatkan merchandise right, sales right dan ape saje lagi rigth yg benefitial utk 9498

  17. amin r Says:

    zamir: how much is our goal? RM1,000? RM 10,000?

  18. En. Zamir Says:

    Banyak la ko nye serious peah heh hampeh

    up to now, kitorg belum set kan how much our target is..nak tunggu concept paper siap (En. WAHadi akan siapkan) by 10th ni…then start budgeting how much cash we will need.

    A rough estimate (read: berangan) is to get RM100K…bearing in mind that this will be a long term society…funding is not only for this year.

    Antara events yg dicadangkan untuk dibuat is futsal 9498 invitational tourney..golf tourney…etc sume dengan tujuan utk raise funds. tp the main issue is to set an objective for this society…what are the benefits to members, ape short term goals and long term goals etc.

    Sesape ade any ideas boleh lah di sharekan disini.

  19. d10 Says:

    kita suruh munzir jual gamba dia seketul 100k kat mak datin pastu suruh la dia donate duit tu cuci dosa.

  20. semaun Says:

    100k photo? Sure dia tak comes with other goodies? heheh

  21. spr Says:

    us100 a barrel… gile

  22. amin r Says:

    Some ideas for objectives / goals..
    1) Non-profit (welfare, charity) – ada tax benefits
    2) Motivational programs or after school programs. Get kids involved in after school stuff – sports, arts, drama, photography, music, outdoor activities, etc.
    3) Awareness campaign – can be rediscovery based, health or other types – eg. rediscover the country’s roots/heritage, awareness of diseases (can do walks for Heart diseases / breast cancer / obesity), awareness on poverty, environment, etc. We can do a futsal or 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise awareness on river pollution or something.
    4) With the programs, we can do merchandise sales (wrist bands, t-shirts, key-chains, posters, educational videos, etc.). Could easily attract sponsors.

    1) Travel benefits – get deals from travel companies (hotels, flights, etc.) and get discounts. they usually require a minimum number of travels/year.
    2) Car services – same thing. sort of like AAM
    3) Store discounts

    Maybe I’m way off, but those are just suggestions.

  23. peah Says:

    sparrow, aku rase wording die punk not death ah…

    tak kisah ah..

    camane nak raise awareness of river pollution by playing 3 0n 3 basketball?kite main dalam sungai ke?hahahaha….

    aku rase, kita buat benda2 sports, interbatch..tapi jangan ajak batch kampung, so macam boleh main urban futsal, urban basketball..

    ha, gile cool..budak kampung pun organize gak, pastu nanti annually, champ batch kampung lawan champ batch urban..

    tak puas ati gak squash court ah…ape hal?buduhnye kampung..bell!

  24. Bob Says:

    Dear everybody,

    I would like to expand my committee to sports, entertainment and recreation. Under entertainment I already have Peah to lead. I need another 2 candidate to fill in for sports and recreation event. Anyone pls sms me if you’re interested. Tq. We can make big money!

  25. peah Says:

    big money?kau nak buat money laundering kat entertainment aku ke?

  26. amin r Says:

    main dalam sungai la challenging sikit, peah. suruh isman jadi captain. dia kan star player water polo.

  27. spr Says:

    peah: lawyer kat firm ko main poker tak? buat satu open tourney hold’em

  28. redzuan Says:

    Keep up the good work guys!
    Do let me know if you need an extra hand, of course you do🙂

  29. d10 Says:

    i want ‘four hands special!’ Got meh?

  30. faiz asmara Says:


    just want to update on current situation in East Coast. aku tgh collect the details/contacts on bdk2 kat sini. baru dpt secebis jek. nanti aku mail kat ko, lado.

    sape2 keje/residing pls mail me ur details, location, phone no. thru faiz.asmara@yahoo.com.
    berpeluh gak nak cari byk budak2 yg lost mcm Bita, Imran Hazree, Bita, Im, Bita, sape lg yek? hehe

  31. maoi Says:

    faiz : bila ko balik kl? tak berseri la futsal ko takde.. nak harapkan peah je..

  32. peah Says:

    alah maoi…depan gol pun tak score..aku rase kena ketatkan skru lutut kau sikit ah..lemah lutut…zamir pun lg licik n lincah..

    faiz..kau jaga lah eastern seabord malaysia baik2…dgr citer ade email lain?asal pakai email tu lak>?

  33. AK Says:

    ahah..itula psl..aku pun ada dgr gak psl email ko ni…tak maju la cmni guna email lain…ahha…

  34. maoi Says:

    haha.. tu la pasal.. kali ni aku terpaksa support peah.. apsal email ko lain faiz?

  35. faiz asmara Says:


    ak, peah : ini bukan isu maju ke ali maju ke, email lama dulu dah penuh dgn spam, aku dh malas nak bukak.

    maoi : aku tau ko rindu nak tgk gerakan Kaki Emas aku

  36. peah Says:

    camane kau nak claim faiz maju kalau penuh ngan spam je..terus bukak account lain..tak maju la woi!!..block ah spam ke..guna la teknologi terkini ke..jangan terjerumus ke kancah faiz kolot..

    terus kan memajukan diri ye faiz, boleh cuba lagi..

  37. Hadi Says:

    En.Zamir: aku refer kat komen ko on January 3, 2008 at 8:12 pm. tak berapa best la panggil WA Hadi, Wa apa Wa…ingat aku wawa ke?wah idris ke? and FYI aku tak pernah pun layan org yang panggil WA Hadi.aku ok dengan panggilan wan or hadi or even abdul and tak penah mengaku bila org panggil WA Hadi. in this regard, aku takan buat concept paper tu and akibatnya ko yang kena siapkan.. I m damn serious ni…
    yang ada dulu pun nametag masa form one je, sebab ada dua hadi, so aku risau nametag tertuka ke, terkabus ke so, tu pun W.A. Hadi, takan la nak letak full plak, panjang sgt…
    aku memang emo ni, bukan sket2

  38. anas Says:

    yoo faiz, bila nak datang kl weh, aku nak dengar cerita “faiz berwawasan” lagi. hahaha

  39. peah Says:

    wa hadi lu sapa?

  40. Bob Says:

    ek eleh emo lah plk….alasan semata2..lu tak siap bt paper lg ckplah….wa blh tlg lu….WA NO HAL..huahua!

  41. peah Says:

    wa lauwei..ada member lu siap nak tolong lu buat paper tu ..kalu wa hadi, misti wa ajak die buat nye..tapi wa bukan hadi..wa peah…

  42. En. Zamir Says:

    En. Hadi: Saya memohon maaf diatas kesilapan saya…segala kesulitan amat dikesali…mulai saat dan ketika ini…saya menyeslai perbuatan saya dan tidak akan mengulangi perbuatan tersebut…tetapi saya tidak resign dari post saya…ini terpulang kepada ahli committee yg lain dan jugak presiden chairman.

  43. Hadi Says:

    heheheheh, penjelasan En. Zamir macam pengakuan Ch#a S*i Le*K masa first2 kantoi video po tempohari…

    “sayalah orangnya. saya tidak akan meletakkan jawatan bla bla bla…untuk kebaikan parti dan bla bla bla, terpulang kepada YAB Perdana Menteri dan Ahli Tertinggi untuk bla bla bla…”

    kah kah kah kui kui…haaa, ngelabah ko…

  44. En. Zamir Says:


  45. peah Says:

    saya menyeslai tu ape? memPalaikan diri ke?

  46. Thaq Says:


  47. peah Says:

    ok aku nak serious macam zamir: maoi, aku dah tanye dah kawan2 aku..diorg semua berminat nak masuk torunament futsal kau inter school tu, cepat ah buat, berapa haribulan? berapa ringgit nak masuk? berapa ringgit kalau menang?

    team pompuan pun ade…

    boleh buat konsert amal sekali…

    kalau kaposh nak jual air pun boleh kat situ..riman jadi runner..

  48. pyanski Says:

    jual kinos la haha.

    “sure power nye. pawe sure beli nye” sapa ntah punye marketing tagline

  49. anas Says:

    panggil uncle salam la, bole kutip utang sekali.

  50. maoi Says:

    peah : akan dibincangkn masa meeting committee kamis ni..

  51. redzuan Says:

    Hi Peah! tadi terserempak ngan kau sempat hi,hi,bye,bye je. i thought u’ve put on so much weight but okay kot.

  52. faiz asmara Says:

    peah: ko buat aku speechless la ngan lawak majumundur, wa peah whatsoever..haha.

    anas: tgk keadaan@duit, kalo jadik maybe aku turun kl wiken ni.

  53. spr Says:

    peah prime meat… SEXEY

  54. peah Says:

    err..put on so much weight? ye ke? i lost weight la wei..betul..

    damn kena kebulur cam farock dogor ni.. i was trying to talk to you redzuan, but in between the phone conversation i was having the chick beside me and the fact that our escalator was moving in the opposite direction, that was the best i could do..

    spr: jangan dowh..nanti semua nak batang pinang aku..

    faiz: maju lawannya kolot, bukan mundur…in your case especially.

    maoi: awal muharram nak meeting mende?aku nak join…

  55. nad Says:

    meeting kul9 tajam make sure dtg on time

  56. Thaq Says:

    Tajam mane Nad?

  57. amin r Says:

    tanya chaipusat

  58. peah Says:

    tanya ah giant..

  59. Thaq Says:

    Panggil chaipusat n giant, kita tny dua2 org…

  60. Thaq Says:

    Kawan2 9498…our blog has been intoduced in MCOBA Yahoo! Group..

  61. peah Says:

    alamak camane nak kutuk budak2 batch lain?..

  62. En. Zamir Says:

    tu aa pasal peah…tp ko mmg kuat kutuk org, jenis yg pukul keliling…ubah la sikit perangai tu

  63. peah Says:

    ah bell2..zamir bell..

  64. anas Says:

    peah, ko kutuk la encik alif, dia bukan budak koleq. haha

  65. En. Zamir Says:

    peah…klu ko kutuk Al sure die x kesah…hahah

  66. AK Says:

    Al ke Boon…ahahahhahaha

  67. peah Says:

    wahahahah..itu kelakar…nad la ni..die yang raise topik AL

    dah tu, sape yang start panggil dia al?…masa masuk court tu, aku ingat..MAOI yang start panggil die AL..

    maoi maoi..kalau dah tak kenal batch sendiri tu, tanye Ladoe…

  68. Thaq Says:

    Peah, AL mane ni?

  69. peah Says:

    kot ye pun sms ah..jangan tanye sini..

    nanti oldboy lain nampak…

    die bukan AL azadi, pALai ataupun ALaddin
    bukan ALi Reza gak or nawAL for that matter.

    die AL lain…

  70. AK Says:

    dia ni…Al Boon…ko tak knal ke..boleh join Maoi nih..ahahahah

  71. maoi Says:

    peah : siot la peah.. dia yang tak kenal sape AL.. aku lak kena.. ko yang tanya aku dulu..

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