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Adam Harith Mohd Azri

August 27, 2007

Some pics to share with you uncle2
Ahh…he’s our pride n joy! 🙂


Pics from Farhan’s wedding

August 20, 2007

Down the aisleFarhan and Atikah

Just sharing a few pics from Atikah’s side of the wedding. They’re not the best though… blame it on my crappy K750.

D99 wedding invitation.

August 16, 2007

budak_koleq_depan1.jpg budak_koleq_kad_dlm2.jpg

D99 Ahmad Farhan.

2 september 2007.

Ayie kecil dah lahir

August 13, 2007

Semalam 12/8 ayie call aku bagitau anak lelaki dia dah selamat dilahirkan. nama adam haris (ejaan taktau betul ke tak). Kalau nak ucap selamat call la dia sbb semenjak dia keja perodua ni dah jarang masuk wordpress. Semua anak lelaki je thn ni, next year kalau dah thn kampung make sure anak pompuan la pulak.


Dinner Batch 2007

August 8, 2007


Me and a few friends of us is thinking of organising a dinner. We thinking of a more informal dinner (which mean no hotel or fancy stuff). Just a really simple session for us to catch up with each other and plan our 10th year anni.
On top of our mind we are thinking something with a bbq, simple meals, and a live band (which Peah has already volunteered to play). I wanna check your opinion and volunteers.
For start, i need someone to look for a good venue. We are thinking to rent a bungalow with a swimming pool for us to crash one night. Other places including a nice restaurant (we found one good place in Bora Ombak). If any of you have a good place, bungalow, service apartments, etc…we need them. We will also try to drive the budget low (but I think this is not necessary since most of us earn a decent living).
I’ll come up with other volunteer needs once we agreeon the place. Target date should be somwhere in November.
So…tell me what you think. We need to start the ball rolling if you all agrees.