Warga 9498 semua..


When :24 – 25 March 2007

Where : Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson

Fees : RM150 per head

Open to everybody, single bole, bawak couple bole, bawak bini bole. Penginapan at teepee tent stay (chalet type) with air-cond.


Saturday, 24th March

2pm – check in

3pm – paintball

8pm – dinner

midnite – “stargazin”

Sunday, 25th March

8am – breakfast

9am – (aktiviti akan dibincangkan ketika dinner on Saturday)

12pm – check out

Para golfers, please seek advise from bob, bob ada port baik nye utk main golf..

To those who are interested to join, please bank in the payment to Razak’s Maybank Acc : 101413177732 , and tolong call ajak/0133331535 bila dh bank in..

Last date to register : 00.00 hrs 10 March 2007

Sekian, Terima kasih,

Yang menjalankan tugas,



22 Responses to “HOLIDAY BATCH 9498”

  1. AK Says:

    As Maoi explained, SMS or call me when you hv transferred the money. Tell me how many pax and who are coming, so we can arrange the room smoothly. For those who are bringing their small kids especially, do inform us. We’ll try to arrange something for you guys.
    Do remember to keep the bank-in slip / print-out (should you do online transfer). This will be the proof of payment. I will ask you to produce the proof later, at PD when we are checking in. NO PROOF NO CHECK-IN!!

    Buzz me should have any other inquiries. To the ‘saya sokong’ boys…this the time to prove your words. Lets WALK the talk…

  2. anas Says:

    ok bos…i’ll walk the talk…hehehe

  3. maoi Says:

    owh.. lupa nak bgtau… kanak2 bawah 5 tahun… FOC.. free.. masuk percuma…

  4. ridhuan Says:

    shouldn’t be a problem to me as of now. have to see how’s the work like after CNY, kalau kena outstation on that date I’ll have to pass but I’ll inform you earlier.

  5. nad Says:

    kalau taknak main paintball brp kena bayar? tanya je pasal takut tak sempat sampai. time kasih.

  6. chain Says:

    may i suggest sth? this is perhaps too late for the above event, tapi maybe boleh diconsider untuk event2 akan datang. thanks to those yang organize benda ni. maybe next time when fixing the dates, look for weekends yang ada public holiday on saturday or sunday, so that people who work in states yang weekendnya jumaat & sabtu boleh jugak join (since we’ll get the sunday off then). jadi tak perlu ambik cuti. coincidentally, i have a company family day kat PD gak, tapi the following weekend (30th march). since there’s no way i’m driving down to PD two consecutive weekends (jauhnya…) i guess i’ll pass this time.

  7. faruqy Says:

    ahaa insyaAllah I’ll be coming with the wife and son..

  8. syuk Says:

    hopefully i’ll be seeing more of the unfamiliar faces on dat weekend…

  9. AK Says:

    eheh syuk..we wish….

  10. anas Says:

    eh, razak, \”stargazin\” tu aktiviti ape?

  11. Hadi Says:

    stargazing tu mengkaji bintang laa..duk kat luar ramai2, dalam gelap, baring, (tepi pantai lagi bagus) tengok bintang…sembang sendiri sendiri…nak wat unggun api pun cantik gak…

  12. anas Says:

    bob kata ada pertukaran tempat? kat ape ke nama ntah lagoon resort? AJK sila apdet…hohoho

  13. maoi Says:

    tah… tak dpt ape ape info.. jgn nak menabur propaganda sendirik.. haha..

    kalo ada unggun api, anas nak wat tiger show… hahaha

  14. zahack Says:

    blue lagoon resort kut? tah anas, bawak propaganda sendirik lak, tapi takpe…ko tak TP

  15. anas Says:

    maoi: nanti aku bawak LUNA la buat tiger show…baru kau tau…owh yeaaahhh adiman sure suka…hahaha

    zaha: memang aku tak TP, ko sorang je ada hak istimewa untuk menTP.

    aku tak bawak propaganda la, bob yg cakap, dia dah discuss ngan lado…tu la aku tanya…hehehe

  16. ladoe Says:

    kepada semua,
    tiada perubahan ke atas plan asal holiday batch..
    segala pengumuman rasmi / kemaskini hanya melalui en. maoi..
    best regards..

  17. pay Says:

    benda ni konpem jadik la ek? stakat ni dah brapa puluh org yg confirm? cuba listkan tengok..

  18. anas Says:

    the ladoe has spoken…tq tq…

  19. zahack Says:

    miss u ladoe..ahaks!

  20. AK Says:

    Just a gentle reminder here…pls drop me a call or SMS or email to once you’ve made the payment to my account.
    I need to keep my record keeping updated…..

    Thanks 🙂

  21. AK Says:

    Updates: Baru 3 org byr…where are the rest of the ‘saya sokong’ Boys…?

  22. d10 Says:

    tunggu gaji.

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