2008…10 years on


Tup tup…dah dekat 8 tahun since we left koleq. And if I’m not mistaken the tradition is that on the 10th year, kite try to balik ramai2 during old boys weekend. I think this is good, sebab not only buleh hook up balik dengan long lost friends, kite boleh visit balik sekolah tu and ingat2 balik all the good and bad memories. But since aku rase batch kite ni memang gempak (perasan lebih je kut?) or atleast, aku rase batch kite ni perlu jadik gempak, aku mencadangkan kite buat something more remarkable, then just balik koleq ramai2 during MCOBA weekend. since 2008 is just about a year to go, kite kene la start planning from now kalau kite nak buat ape ape. So what say you? Setuju ke tak?

En. Zamir @ D69


18 Responses to “2008…10 years on”

  1. pyanski Says:

    pyan wuz ere…haha lama tak tulis ‘wuz ere’

  2. amin r Says:

    Good point, zamir. Early planning is key. Anything I can do (from the States or otherwise), let me know. I’ll definitely be back for the big bash.

  3. AK Says:

    yeap..I agree too..go Zamir lead the pack….

  4. nad Says:

    aku setuju dgn ajak sokong zamir jadik kepala program. lagi sorg setuju pastu cadangkan cadangan ditutup terus zamir kena start planning dia.

  5. amin r Says:

    zamir lead. setuju.

  6. AK Says:

    Ok…i suggest cadangan ditutup. Zamir, since all ppl agree, u r now the Chief..

  7. zongtwi Says:

    Aku x kesah kalau nak lead, and I do have a few ideas on what to do. tp klu stakat Ajak, Nad and Amin je yg interested, baik x payah. Pyan pun wuz ere je hahah

  8. azam jalil Says:

    Aku setuju cadangan ditutup,willing to be part of the execution party………

    Take opportunity this coming wedding receptions as a venue for spreading the news on the plan.Let us make it happen

  9. zongtwi Says:

    Great idea, bro. Unfortunately I can’t make it to ur wedding. So tolong war war kan lah ye kat bebudak batch yg datang to yours. I’ll be going to Nad’s reception…so yg tu aku buleh war warkan sendiri.

    Sekarang ni aku tgh prepare some introduction to the idea I’m having. aku try siapkan asap. in the meantime, just tell everyone that we intend to do something different for 2008 at MCKK. make sure everyone is aware of that

  10. azam jalil Says:

    Ok,aku akan sampaikan seramai mungkin.Kadang-kadang warming up mungkin makan masa berbulan baru the spirit bloom.Just need some of us to start the move others will follow…..

  11. nikanas Says:

    nanti dah heboh, sure semua nak join…maybe should do a mini gathering to present your ideas, zamir?

  12. ladoe Says:

    ya.. saya yakin anda boleh zamir, bersedia memberi sokongan, 1st step: will spread the words..

  13. faruqy Says:

    I’m in!

  14. Hadi Says:

    in or out,in out, in out, in out…hihihi…macam lalang…in lah!

  15. semaun Says:

    Sounds fun. I’m in. What is the usual package anyway? Golf-Dinner-Concert, heheheh? Old skool, but it works, except for golf. A weekend at the beach? How about mass registration to MCOBA? Do some adopt a brother scheme, help a batchmate for the lifetime membership. How about mass marriage? (2006/12/12 is a Wednesday, not very convenient) How about charity to SRK Raja Muda Shah Alam?

    Just punching out ideas over here. Not that I am willing to execute all of it, hehehe, so don’t throw the load on me, just yet.

  16. semaun Says:

    Oops. Got my dates so wrong. 2007/12/12 is a Wed., 2008/12/12 is a Fri.

  17. amin r Says:

    if you don’t mind, zamir, please email me outline of programs, delegation of work and/or meeting minutes regarding the big day. like to be in the loop. again, anything i can do, be pleased to help out. thanks.

  18. adri Says:

    i wanna b part of it too. although aku slalu takde, but i’ll c wat i can do time aku cuti.

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