Batch Wiki is online


I have created a private Wiki site which revolve’s around collecting info on our batch and recording memories of our days in Koleq. Please help by creating and revising pages. Wiki is all about the community contributing knowledge, quickly.

The site requires approval from moderator (currently me alone), so can you please sms me your username after you have registered on the site? Get my number from here.

Have fun.


6 Responses to “Batch Wiki is online”

  1. AK Says:

    ASLI’s report…truth or tale
    The issue surrounding ASLI’s report made me wonders. Why is so the govt. and the Malay politicians is so vehemently against the report? Why is it a hot issue that the report is described as baseless and wrong? Why not the report being rejoiced? If the report is true, then it shows that we have achieved our life long ambition. We no longer need to have our so-called Malay agenda. We are on par with the Chinese. If that is so, then why has the report become an issue….
    I believe that the govt.’s reaction can be explained by only a few reasons. Though the reason may only valid to some people who practice them, nevertheless, it warrants the strong denial of report.
    1. Let say the report is true. We have achieved our NEP objectives. The Malays can now stand tall with the Chinese and the rest of Malaysians. But then, wouldn’t that mean that the NEP is now no longer practical. There is no more NEP issues that can be presented to the people. Our current leaders and politicians then is no longer relevant. They can no longer be the champions of the Malays, fighting for their rights. How can they be the champions if there are no issues to defend the Malays from? If they can’t be the champion, how can they remain as leaders. If they can’t remain as leaders, then how will they continue to lie and robs from the nation?
    2. If the report is true, then can please someone explain why the majority of the Malays are still where we are 10-15 years ago? Can somebody please make me understand why my uncle, my aunts, my brother and sisters, relatives, friends etc.., are still working from 9-5 to earn just enough or maybe a bit more for their families? If really we own more than 40% of the equity, then we must be at least living comfortably. If ASLI’s report is true, then there’s only one explanation to this. The NEP serves not Bumiputeras but it only serves UMNOPuteras. That means that our present politicians and leaders practices cronyism. The wealth is only distributed to the only selected few who are related to the so-called leaders. Privatizations, commercial agreements, contracts, or whatever, that at the end is profitable, is handed out to the cronies, if not themselves. This alone provides a very strong reason for them to deny the report. They are not stupid enough to expose their own wrongdoings.
    3. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. That’s the 3rd reason. The report must not be true. I guess you all can understand my point here.
    Well, the above are only my opinion. You may or may not agree with me. It’s up to you.

    P/s: can someone please move it up as a new topic pls.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. prot Says:

    err..aku nak e-mail ko buleh tak semaun?

    psl aku tokleh sms ko.

    or ko buleh x pass je kat aku pw tuh kat


  3. semaun Says:

    ko register dulu kat site tu. password sendiri set. dah register baru aku approve. email semaun at gmail dhot kom

  4. hermanismail Says:

    azam aku dah register
    silalah approve ye

  5. hermanismail Says:

    kau ada balas tak email aku arituh
    mail streamyx arituh crap aa
    kalau kau ada reply tapi tak berbalas bleh tolong hantar sekali lagi kat gaijinsan at hotmail co jp ek

  6. semaun Says:

    Registration approved. Keep expanding the pages whenever you are free.

    Wishing all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Minta maaf zahir dan batin. I’ll dig up old Koleq mags and try to fill in the empty pages as best as I can after I come back from kampung. Please voice out if you have any request for the wiki.

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