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Brothers and friends,
I’m planning to do some charity work. After some scouting and researching, I’ve found one program that interest me. Went to see them last Saturday and after some talk, they told me they need more help and volunteers.
I’m planning to join in 2 of their programme; Children Wellfare and Sponsorship Program, and Orang Asli Socio-Economic Program. Under this 2, we will go to the villages to see the orang asli and less unfortunates orphans/childrens. We will bring along things like food, clothes, etc. We will be focusing in villages and places around Klang Valley, e.g.: Bangi, Selayang, etc.
Currently, they are in dire need of volunteers, esp. ppl with transportation (cars, vans, etc..). This is because the current volunteers are limited to Mat Rempits, so it’s quite hard to bring all the things. Usually the trip is held on Saturdays and Sundays.
Under the schildren sponsorhip, they also has this program where we can sponsor a children’s education with just RM50 per mnth. I myself is considering to chip in, but I wanna join the trip first to check on my potential beneficiary and see how they are doing.
So friends, I hope we all can find our kind heart and contribute to a good cause. I believe it’s time for us to contribute back to the society. Lets make some investment for our afterlife.
FYI, if things go well, I’m thinking to include this as one of our project in our 10 years celebration.

Besides those 2, they also have other prgrammes. Most of the programmes are Islam-centric. Do find more info about the charity from the URL:


16 Responses to “Charity Work”

  1. faruqY Says:

    menarik jugak.. amacam guys?

  2. d10 Says:

    why dont we start with the bbq first. then masa tu kita boleh discuss. bbq equipment budak rumah aku boleh handle. lagi lagi ada superladoe dan spongebob. sapa ada venue and bikini girls?

  3. nikanas Says:

    sape yg post nih? i’d like to help, but i’m not that financially strong to contribute too much. i’ll help when i have loads of money to spare, right now, quite hard to find the commitment and money.

    on a lighter note: uuu…bbq, best best!! i’m in, how much yew-u?

  4. faruqy Says:

    oh aku yg post on behalf of ajak..

  5. AK Says:

    I don’t think we need a bbq to start this one. Juz contribute if you can find that kind heart. They are not asking you to contribute a whole bunch of money. Just give what you can. At the least, just give them a ride. I was told that they are willing to give petrol money for the cars.
    I once read a women who earns $1,500 per mnth but sill contribute $50/mnth for a needy children. Some of our clever friends are spending at least 4 times that amount juz to poison their lungs…..

  6. faruqy Says:

    hmm am deviating from the topic ni, just nak ajak korang tengok malaysia cup final this saturday.. haha saja je, bole kita hang out sama-sama, soak up the atmosphere of malaysian football…

  7. prot Says:

    aku tabik spring la kat ko Ajak

  8. maoi Says:

    ajak : kalo aku free, bole je aku follow ko

    faruq : malaysian football sucks!!

    anas : tahnya.. bukan kena kuar duit sume kasik diorang… yg penting niat.. kalo kasik RM10 pun kira ok .. 😛

    uu : bbq.. hmm.. i’m in.. bila nak buat?

  9. nikanas Says:

    if you can’t give much, even the smallest contribution helps, like donating your spare changes.

    faruq: hahaha, ko kembali single ye?

  10. nikanas Says:

    maoi: ya…ya…setakat mana ikhlas…

  11. faruqy Says:

    anas: haha yupp aku kembali single.. that’s why aku ajak korang tgk bola sabtu ni! bior la sucks pun, lepas tu lepak la mana2 pi minum..

    ajak: tertarik jugak aku nak join, bila ko nak pi?

  12. nikanas Says:

    faruq: baik terus pi minum2 je, takyah tgk bola…hahaha

  13. AK Says:

    eheh…thanx for the support. I just think that its time for us to contribute back to the society.
    I’m planning to join the trip in the next weekend, or whenever they are going. I’m having a company trip this weekend so it’s impossible this weekend.
    They will call me when they are going. I’ll put up the notice when they call me.
    Anyway, for the bbq, I might have a place, with pool, bbq pits, charis, etc…but depending on whether you all are willing to come to Puchong.

  14. faruqy Says:

    haha bole aje.. tp make sure this time korang ajak aku, x macam aritu, pi mines x ajak aku pun

  15. beng Says:

    aku 80% sure nak g tgk M’sia Cup Final NS vs Perlis nih. Haha! Thank God Man U vs Ars on sunday…Jomla G tgk Parok!

  16. semaun Says:

    For those unable to join ajak, but just happens to have a decent graphic card (agp) lying around, you can also do a comparable charity by donating the poor thing to me. Besides the rewards you probably get in the hereafter, you will also be awarded by some earthly pleasures such as teh tarik and nasi lemak. 😀

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