best friend


dah lama aku tak masuk campur dlm perbincangan batch. busy sikit. masuk baca je la comment2 org lain. makin lama klua koleq ni makin jauh lak aku rasa dengan budak2 batch kita ni. maksud aku in term of relationship la. mula2 aku rasa kawan baik kita patutnya budak2 9498 la pasal kita membesar bersama. tapi sume org macam ada clique masing2 dan kalau aku terserempak dgn sapa2 member batch pun biasanya tgh lepak dgn org lain.

kawan baik korg skrg ni sapa? sbb aku rasa bila sampai hal2 serious aku tetap carik kawan2 batch gak utk diceritakan sebab aku rasa korang paling memahami aku. ke org dah kawin kawan baik dia wife dia? dah takyah ada kawan baik lain. ke pasal sume org dah ada kareer masing2 maknanya kena kawan dengan kawan2 sekerja. ataupun sume org dah past zaman koleq dan meneruskan kehidupan present dia dgn rakan2 universiti? rasanya reunion 2 thn sekali dah cukup ke? tak rasa ke kalau nak prosper kita patut prosper sama2? ke mckk ni mcm skolah lain gak? lepas skolah kira setel la. aku study batch halim saad, byk company dia budak batch dia gak yg jaga. kalau sorg takleh jadik halim saad, at least ramai2 kita leh jadik konglomerat mcm renong. atleast sapa yg tak minat bisnes leh keja situ. sapa nak funding ke kita ada duit.

tapi tu la, aku rasa semua org makin jadik individualistik termasuk la aku kot. nak glory mesti make sure org lain kurang berjaya berbanding diri ini. sebab yg family kaya join bisnes family terus jadik boss, malas sikit la nk layan bisnes kecil-kecilan member2. yg keciciran belajar malu terus taknak campur batch. yg grad oversea lepak dgn budak2 dia je. ke aku sorg je rasa mcm tu? ke korang mmg tak kisah kalau batch ni sekadar jadik sebutan org ramai je. sebenarnya takde apa yg special pun antara kita. 9498. ada jugak budak sampai plat no keta 9498, no fon (mcm aku,shaz,wfaiz dll) blakang 9498. tapi takde apa yg special antara kita.


P/S: aku tulis ni pasal ada benda tak elok jadik kat salah sorang budak batch kita dan aku kena blame jugak pasal ada satu persamaan aku dgn dia, kitorang 9498 MCKK. jgn la buat benda2 tak senonoh, naikkan la nama batch. aku sayang sume orang dalam batch, walaupun korang masuk form 4(tak ckp bird takut kecik hati).


16 Responses to “best friend”

  1. pyanski Says:

    Dear Nad,

    Aku rasa kau ada point yang valid, but let me inject a bit of optimism la.

    1. Kita semua sekarang umur 25. Masing-masing tengah cuba define hala tuju masing-masing in things that will shape up our own future life – prinsip hidup, career, relationship, etc. I bet that only a very little number of us yang dah betul2 settle down and happy and can live with their present situation for the rest of their lives. Yang lain semua still uncertain, even though dah kerja for a few years. So I think it’s natural that along the way most of us would feel that hanging-out-with-koleq-friends-for-the-sake-of-hanging-out-with-koleq-friends only come second in importance most of the times. Bukannye orang semua decide to be individualistic, it’s just a natural thing in life as we grow and become more matured.

    2. Personally I have a different view from you in terms of relationship among budak batch kita today.Considering the situation where all of us are scattered across the city, the country and the world, doing different things, fighting for different causes, for that matter I think we’re not that bad, to be honest, and sometimes maybe even better than before. Semua sebab we have become more of a thinking adult rather than rebellious teenagers we once were. Aku bagi contoh la kan, kat koleq dulu aku a few times tried to have a friendly conversation with this one ‘radiatta’ fella but never succeeded. I didn’t know why, maybe aku hanya civilian biasa yang tak se’radical’ radiatta therefore tak dilayan la. But setelah lama tak jumpa, after one of the futsal sessions last year (or this year, dah lupa), we had a great lengthy talk over teh tarik and at that moment, I could see how much forward we have gone through in our mentality.

    3. reunion maybe 2 tahun sekali, tapi kita ada superhero in Maoi (clap clap) and others yang selalu organize main futsol as a medium for us to get together once in a while. tak lupa juga kenduri kenduri kahwin budak batch, which will be a lot in the coming years.

    4. a big majority of budak batch kita are playing it safe by living on a paycheck instead of venturing into business at this early stage of our working life. So to not yet see a halim saad born among us is, again, natural. maybe things will be different in 5 to 10 years time. maybe we are in the process of honing our skills in many different fields, climbing up the learning curve and who knows, one day maybe our accountant friends like nizamuddin, shahriman, gel, hazriq etc are good enough to establish their own accounting firms. maybe one of our PTD friends will end up as a cabinet minister. maybe Bur would win a nobel prize. maybe one of our brothers currently working in GLCs (petronas, tnb, telekom, maybank etc) will become the next hassan merican or che khalib. maybe nad will become the first millionnaire. my point is, we are all still merangkak la in the real tough and brutal world. We can talk about buat kompeni besar-besar and share our wealth among budak batch, but the more fundamental thing at this stage is to push ourselves to become the best in whatever we are doing. learn as much as we can, both from the books and from the street. Unless we are talking about cari line dalam for government contracts or something, there’s no shortcut to success.

    5. in a nutshell, aku rasa as long as kita keep up with budak batch as termampu as possible, we should be fine. of course, things are not always perfect hence ada la jadi macam case yg nad cerita tu, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s a fact of life la. a big thanks to all of the usual suspects who would naturally take the lead in organizing dinner batch ke futsal ke makan makan ke. jangan ingat kami yang lain ni tak fikir nak bagi balasan ke apa, we did, and it is the thought that counts heh heh. so kira okay la haha.

    ok guys, just my two cents.

  2. faruqy Says:

    i concur with everything that pyan ckp.. but apa yg nad ckp tu betul jugak, so i for one would like to apologize la sebab i haven’t been spending much time with u guys..

    seperti yg dicakap oleh pyan in points number 1 and 4, i am still trying to determine my direction in life.. i didn’t have much time to really mull over all possible avenues because aku kawin awal.. so right now i HAVE to put my young family 1st in everything.. i don’t have a fat paycheck like some of u guys, and nak save duit every month pun payah sebab family punya expenses.. don’t let me scare anyone thinking to start a family though, hehe.. so for the time being, kadang2 tu i have to be individualistic la, for the sake of my family.. sorry again guys..

    so, aku rasa mcm yg pyan ckp, as long as kita tau what’s happening in each other’s lives, meet up once in a while, help each other out when the need arise, is adequate for now.. who knows in 5 years time maybe, kita boleh really discuss balik apa yg nad ckp ni in a much more positive light.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  3. semaun Says:

    nice write-up, can imagine a scene in a movie where someone narrating your entry, with footages of our members doing whatever they’re doing currently, can move hearts woo. and nice follow-up from pyan too. not much to add, you took away all the goodies.

    cliques … teringat kat prep school fect lectures, heheheh. in my case, truthfully, i have not enough to pay attention to a lot of people. i tend to keep a small circle of friends. so small, cukup kalau kira pakai jari. but trust me, i’m improving. so kalau tak cukup korum nak hang out mana2 ke, need advice on IT stuffs ke, try giving me a call.

    so, amacam? nak buat weekly tt session ke? aku sokong je kalau nak buat.

  4. amin Says:

    both nad and pyan have strong points. sorry i’ve been one of those overseas guys who hadn’t been too involved with the batch. having said that, i would say nad, that we should let everyone seek their own goals, with their own special ways, or with their family or mentor’s guidance. it is a tough world. and every potential young man is looking for a hole to break into the market. and knowing the budak koleq hunger in success, it shouldn’t be long now.

    regrettably i have been a little ignorant with the latest about our batch. so i’m not aware of the story you are referring to. for that i apologize.

    bottom line is, nobody, including myself has forgotten our buddies from koleq. i think i speak for everyone that the koleq bond trumps every other that we found in our after years. so i say, let everyone spread. find your own holes, and when you do, pull through as many people as you can.. it should be in our nature.

    good luck everyone.


  5. pyanski Says:


    aku tak intend to deny nad’s point of view, but rather to offer my own perspective only. i may or may not be correct la, so hopefully everybody will take it with an open mind.

    but nonetheless, i really hope that one day, one of us would really make it bigtime so that in the future, if anybody ask me “eh pyan, batch ko ada tak budak yg sukses bangat?” i can always say to them “fo’ sure, yo, fo’ sure!” WORD.

  6. d10 Says:

    aku ada cuba support bisnes kecil kecilan tapi bisnes kecil kecilan tanak perform. aku nak tolong macamana lagi. kalau job kecil kecilan pun takleh nak selesaikan, macamana nak kasi bisnes kecil kecilan job besar besar. aku still duduk dgn budak koleq lain. tapi aku ajak wfaiz duduk sekali, dia tanak. dia suka kawan dgn org yang dah berkahwin. apela wfaiz. dah la keje dgn bekas penjajah.

  7. nad Says:

    thanks for the feedback. go for what u believe in life! aku sgt2 gembira kalau ada budak batch kita yang very2 successful nationally and internationally. just one thing to remind u guys, leave some space for your 9498 brothers in your success. jgn pecaya sgt ckp napoleon bonaparte: it is NOT lonely at the top.

  8. anas Says:

    betul kata pyan, kita semua masih mencari tapak dalam hidup masing2, ada yang dah stabil, ada yg masih terumbang ambing. semua orang kena pentingkan diri sendiri sekarang ni, takkan nak menumpang kejayaan orang lain je? ini bukan sombong, cuma tak nak ketinggalan berbanding ahli 9498 yg lain. okay la ni, kira persaingan yang sihat, so suatu hari nanti kita boleh berbangga bebudak 9498 dah jadi somebody dalam karier masing2. aku still lepak dengan bebudak batch, walaupun kadang2 aku sibuk dengan kerja aku (sori ek maoi, pata, adiman…timing tak betul). tapi aku rasa aku masih maintain contact dengan certain members of the batch, tak kira la aktiviti ape pun.

    batch kita tak teruklah dalam aspek keeping in touch ni. kita dah matang, dah takde nak berpuak2 macam zaman mentah kat koleq dulu, semua dah boleh duduk semeja…ahaha

    tapi aku tak nafikan ada certain 9498 yg dah senyap gitu jek.

  9. AK Says:

    I feel what both Nad & Pyan says. Most of ’em are true. Seeing things from my perspective, I just think that we are all now bz shaping up our own life. 25 I believe, is the time where u start to step on the real world. There are lot of things going. At 25 u need to define ur life and grab all the opportunities. 25 is a start of many good things..or bad things..or just things…depend on what u choose.
    I see our life now as a long journey, to our very own destination. Each one of us has their own destination. But nevertheless, we will all one day go back to our roots. And by then, hopefully we can say we have achieve what we want. We all will sit in one table or maybe in one grand ball room and say in one tone we are 9498. Coz, no matter where and who we are, deep in our heart we will always be 9498.

  10. perut Says:

    “kawin sampai lupe member?”
    err..aku ke tuh??

    “duk oversea x dengar citer..”
    aku lagi?

    “tak pernah dtg gathering batch??”
    lagi2 aku??


    sori kengkawan..

    (tp aku rasa…aku still tak lupekan korang sumer..cuma mungkin aku tak der byk chance utk tunjukkan..)

  11. anas Says:

    alah, sesapa yg still kat oversea tu boleh dimaafkan…tiket flight bukan murah…

  12. hadi Says:

    I think what had been said by nad n pyan n all comments tu ada banyak betulnya…

    aku rasa our batch performance so far is not bad. well balanced in each sector. so, to whom yang compile 9498 punye database (keje kat mana, duk mana, contact no. etc) must be up to date. yang penting kena sabar. betul kata Pyan, everybody still tengah stabilkan platform sendiri. why aku kata balanced?
    1.Doctor – lebih 5 org kot – ramai…
    3.govt – ramai gak…
    4.bisnes sendiri – ramai gak (tmasuk family bisnes)
    5.petroleum – maybe akan ada next hassan merican from our batch…
    6.lecturer? – lemah sket tang ni – ramai – boleh tahan ramainya
    9.cikgu – boleh upgrade jadi super headmaster then jadi pengarah plajaran negeri,etc
    10.politician – tak nampak penting giler siut..harap2 ada…sapa hah calon2? suggestion pls..
    11.banking? aku tak tau…
    12.mcoba secretariat? penting ke?

    For conclusion, the platform is there..what important now is focus, if everybody focus with their area n ditambah pula ada strategic planning (sapa nak lead???)aku tak nampak batch kita tinggal nama senang citer now ni please focus with your respective area..kalau doctor make sure sampai at least pengarah hospital or nak lagi bagus ketua pengarah the furthest we can go..

    come on 9498!

  13. faruqy Says:

    hazriq ada tokoh jd politician kot..

  14. semaun Says:

    we need wankers. sorry, bankers! someone who can hasten our banking needs with less questions asked.

  15. perut Says:



  16. S Zaid Says:

    Ramai budak batch kita boleh join politics. Start small, join bahagian dulu. Backing boleh diaturkan.

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