World Cup 2006


Netherlands will win the World Cup.


26 Responses to “World Cup 2006”

  1. ladoe Says:

    World Cup 2006 —> Brasil @ Argentina

  2. ayie Says:

    Realistik : Brazil
    Hati & Perasaan : Italy

  3. lair Says:

    Aku kata England

  4. litium Says:

    yeah, realistik: brazil. but i got for england

  5. faruqY Says:

    aku pun support england.. tp depa selalu choke in tournament proper..

  6. Pyanski Says:

    england memang choker sebab tak reti ambil penalty. but the real choker will be Spain as usual.

  7. nikanas Says:

    with rooney fit again to play, i’m willing to put my hope on england. yay! and oh yeah, crouchie’s robot dance is ugly, but original. i bet the brazilians can’t beat that goal celebration dance! haha

  8. beng Says:

    hmmm… aku rasa czech or serbia montenegro akan mengejutkan. I believe Brazil tak akan menang World Cup tahun kali nih. My bet is on Italy or England.

  9. yuyu Says:

    tade sape nak host viewing party ke?

  10. faruqy Says:

    hmm viewing party.. menarik.. better for rooney not to play if he’s not fit..

  11. nikanas Says:

    germany 4 – 2 costa rica
    ecuador 2 – 0 poland
    england 1 – 0 paraguay
    sweden 0 – 0 trinidad tobago
    argentina 2 – 1 ivory coast
    holland 1 – 0 serbia montonegero
    mexico 3 – 1 iran
    portugal 1 – 0 angola

    hehe, slow start for england eh, menang pasal own goal. lepas goal, main takde sistem.

  12. litium Says:

    crouch main mcm sial. do the robot bitch! do it! do it!

  13. Kaposh Says:

    Czech republic was superb last night. I don’t know if they can maintain the form.

  14. yuyu Says:

    without koller mati la czech.

    forza azzurri.

  15. amin r Says:

    pergh, spain not bad tu. might want to withdraw your comments, pyan. haha. my money’s on netherlands/czech.

    by the way, bola “teamgeist” tu nampak macam ringan je.

  16. zongtwi Says:

    England jgk yg sampah…heh

  17. Pyanski Says:

    Spain broke my heart big time in 98. Aku belanja futsal one time if they win the world cup this year.

  18. maoi Says:

    azzuri menang pun nasib baik je.. heheh..

  19. nikanas Says:

    takyah tunggu spain menang pun takpe pyan, belanja je kitorang suka2…dah lama tak futsal ni wei

  20. farouq Says:

    argentina – superbly fluid passing game. moving the ball around as a team with a definitive sense of purpose. unlike england main pass je bola to their ‘talismanic figures’ to conjure something up. gol cambiasso gila joga bonito siap ada backheel pass ala zamir. should progress to the last 16 at least, easily accounting for mexico/portugal

  21. nikanas Says:

    ghana will go far in this world cup. i think ghana can even give a scare to brazil.

  22. ayie Says:

    Iaquinta? Iaquinta my ass!

  23. amin r Says:

    Ghana’s seems to remind me a lot of Senegal from the last World Cup. Not that they played well, but Czech played worse. But gotta give them credit though. Great performance.

    Yuyu’s right, Czech is limping without Koller. Main 4-5-1 sangat, itula dia. Bottom line, France still sucks.

  24. pyanski Says:

    ho ho dah agak dah spain will choke again…

  25. nikanas Says:

    brazil will get the revenge on france for what happened in 1998…hahaha very mouth watering match.

  26. semaun Says:

    prep up for a celebration in blue, yes?

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