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Jemputan Kahwin

June 26, 2006

Saudara Iskandar Tariq bin Alias a.k.a Kandaq ingin menjemput anda semua ke majlis perkahwinan beliau. Sila rujuk kad maya di bawah.


Sekian, Terima Kasih.


two things i want to let go

June 22, 2006

1. perodua kelisa original absorber and springs, baru lagi, dua bulan pakai aku tukar, keta kena lowered, baru best, hehe – rm200.00. click for full size pic


2. desktop PC: rm1800.00, baru dua bulan, pastu aku pun dah jarang sangat guna pc kat umah.

  • intel pentium 4 3.2Ghz on Intel D915PBT motherboard, SATA cable included (4 slots)
  • kingston 1GB DDR RAM
  • 20GB (primary) + 40GB (secondary) hard disk
  • asus DVD Drive – black
  • CDRW Drive – beige
  • graphic card: asus geforce en6500 with 128MB DDR2 memory – PCIE Slot
  • sound card: sound blaster live!
  • on-board LAN
  • dell keyboard
  • microsoft optical mouse
  • 17" flat screen crt monitor – IBM
  • all driver CDs will be included. kotak pun ada lagi.
  • casing hitam, keyboard hitam, monitor hitam, mouse je beige colour.

location: vista angkasa, kerinchi, kl.

– nik anas. zero one two six six six eight five five four.

World Cup Officiating Standard on a Downhill Trend

June 18, 2006

Really disapointed. After a great start with so many praises from everyone, the refferees at this year's world cup tournament are beginning to slack off. Apart from the appaling Mexican refferee who officiated England's opening match against Paraguay, every other game in the first round of the group stage saw decent performances from the officials. They officiated with high consistency and common sense. Offside decission's gave advantages to the attacking team, and high percentage of correct decissions made the matches so exciting. But now every game that I watch (I do watch every single game) most decissions made were absolutely crap. For example, the dramatic 1-1 draw of Italy and USA last night. Some challenges deemed reckless were given yellow cards, some were not. Some challenges that were nothing were given yellow cards. No consistency whatsoever. And offside decissions, oh my god, it was really a nightmare for the linesman on the far side of the pitch. The Americans, being 2 men down, didn't play such a high defensive line, and they weren't that deep either. Almost every through ball that Luca Toni and Iaquinta ran for, was considered off side, although replays clearly show that the runs they made were timed to perfection. I guess this year's world cup has so far been the most exciting one in a long time. With the smaller teams being very well organised and hard to break down, and the bigger teams trying their hardest to win, most matches have been well contested, and some of the football have been world class. And with the reffereeing performances during the first few days, everything looked perfect. That's why I'm feeling so disapointed. Is it really that hard a job to make good decissions? Well, I'm sure it is a hard job to do, but since some refferees and linesmen are noticeably doing a better job than others, it might be just a case of willingness to take responsibility and giving high levels of concentration all the time. FIFA said that the officials they have are the best bunch in the world. What a load of bull.

OSIM I-Gallop Ad

June 14, 2006

Horse riding??? What the…??

Love is tough, man..

June 13, 2006

Seriously. How did you people make it through?