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  1. litium Says:

    aku baca slow-slow semua komen kat situ. lama-lama aku bosan. sebab ada 160++. tak logik la kalau aku nak baca semua. so, aku scroll terus kebawah. dan TAHNIAH!!! aku jumpa komen TERBAIK!! meh aku quote komen dari enche rokerz

    “Rockerz said…

    Hai, Di antara banyak blog yang saya lawati hari ini, blog anda antara yang hebat. Saya akan bookmark blog anda!

    Saya ada website kaya dengan cepat. Peluang kaya dengan cepat di sini.

    Lawatilah website saya bila ada masa lapang 🙂

    1:44 AM ”

    orang dok sebok nak berperang, dia nak iklan skim cepat kaya.. hahahahha memang hidup melayu lah!!! hahahha

  2. anip Says:

    this blog pernah dihighlight di blog2 lain macam screenshots yg antara lain memberikan kesimpulan mereka kecewa ada lagi org malaysia yg berfikiran racist seperti ini..tahlah,aku pun dah disoriented,sorang kata dia ni racist,orang ni kata orang tu yg racist..apala nak jadi..

  3. nik anas Says:

    nak buat camana, dah memang sifat manusia tu racist. aku lagi sanggup tolong melayu dari tolong kaum lain. the fact is, many companies in malaysia hire malays just for show. no malay will ever get high in a chinese company. tapi sedihla jugak dengan melayu, banyak sangat fikir tektik2 nak cepat kaya, bukan nak berusaha dengan cara yang betul. baru2 ni kan aku post pasal skim cepat kaya guna maybank2u, semalam pulak aku dapat email promote konsep yang sama, cuma kali ni dia guna surat berantai (chain letter).

    masalahnya, kalau anda bukan seorang racist, anda akan dituduh oleh kaum sendiri sebagai pembelot, lebih2 lagi kalau anda menolong kaum lain. it’s an ugly world, but we have to adapt to survive.

    tapi, ada jugak orang malaysia yang tak racist, there are good samaritans out there from various racial background that will help people regardless of race and religion.

  4. azamshul Says:

    if i were to become an influential person, i would promote country-wide malay-chinese interracial marriages. agree or not? we can no longer differentiate between races, so one of the solution is to integrate. heheheh.

  5. nik anas Says:

    ehehehe, like amy mastura did. his husband is a chinese mualaf. tapi…aku nak melayu jugak, pasal amoi tak cukur bulu ketiak…hahahaha saw this in the lrt, the amoi was holding on to the handle, wearing a sleeveless, and i couldn’t help but accidentally see something under the armpit…bluwweeekkkk, lost my appetite already, will not eat for lunch.

  6. azam jalil Says:

    aku agree dgn chandra muzaffar punya idea ttg asimilasi.Kaum bukan bumiputera harus asimilasi ke dlm budaya dan cara hidup melayu berpaksikan Islam.Kalau negara mcm France,England,US dll,rakyat asing atau bukan bangsa sesuatu negara tersebut mesti menerima,mempelajari dan memahami kehendak negara tersebut.

    Kaum bukan bumiputera harus menerima melayu selaku bangsa majoriti dan memerintah.Kesamarataan adalah sesuatu yang digalakkan namun harus diseimbangi dgn batas2 sejarah dan aspirasi bangsa majoriti dan negara tersebut.

    Aku syorkan blog Lim Kit Siang( dibaca as check n balance for malays to review and analytically improvise our strength.Views in Kit Siang certainly provocative yet informative.

  7. semaun Says:

    # serious mode on
    yes we are the majority and the ruling race by heriditary rights. but when the bulk of the country’s income is contributed by chinese owned (or by proxy) businesses, can you actually say to them that they must follow our way? the income they generate also promotes the nation’s growth, feeds the civil servants and pays our MPs’ salaries. and they are also as patriotic a malaysian can be as you and me. malaysia is also their home and country. they passionately live by their racial values and ideas, and so do we.
    # serious mode off

    so once again, i propose we win the hearts of those leng lui and foster tighter relations through marriage. get up and earn more to win their parents’ hearts. good for the economy too. we have what they want; tall, dark and handsome (ok, just me).

  8. anip Says:

    haha,maun ni mmg sah dah jatuh cinta kat amoi mana2 ni..

  9. semaun Says:

    and her name is zi yi.

    in my dreams lah…

  10. nik anas Says:

    awek siam la, Natt Chanapa…tak gitu maoi? *wink*

  11. cha_in Says:

    not-so-serious mode on:

    racial integration goes deeper than interracial marriage. surely that alone does not really promote unity. but we like the way you think haha. well, it’s been happening now and again anyway but whether it’s an increasing trend i have no idea. but what about this – i recently went to this kedai owned by a couple, the lady malay and the husband chinese. i found out that their children do not speak malay as a first language, and even the lady speaks malay with a weird accent (thought she was chinese initially but turned out she wasn’t. she’s from ipoh by the way so go figure). ok i know it’s probably not right for me to menyibuk and say this, but i had concerns about her children being raised in a not-so-malay way. i mean, i know that there are millions of other ways to integrate than speaking the same language, but ntahlah. maybe because that was one singular encounter i’ve had – all my other friends from mixed parents tend to lean towards the malay culture.

    nik anas, shaving is a personal choice. kalau minah tu lesbian and chooses not to shave, who can blame her? should’ve directed your gaze elsewhere haha.

    the thing about other countries (i’ll take US and france in this case), well, the thing about every country sebenarnya… is that racism is something that will always be there. difference? oklah maybe in the US they are more strict and hard on racism when it comes to employment, school system, housing, etc… it’s there on the streets but it’s a good thing that the system openly fights it and people can be proud to go against it without having to be ridiculed as pembelot or ‘tak tau sejarah negara’ etc. in malaysia if you’re not racist then you are too baik or tak tau hal dunia since the other race will always find ways to kill you haha. furthermore racism is like right there in our constitution haha. ok ok i know it’s for the good of the country and bla bla but it is still some kind of racism. maybe a positive one because it does bring some good (it wouldn’t have been there if things were better anyway kan). sorry i digress. so ok take france for example, they want all these arab immigrants to follow their system for integration, a secular system where religion is separated from state and people are banned from displaying their religious identities in a social settings. and one of the results is the ban on hijab in schools. now let’s say we the malays want the chinese to follow our way, and we have to, say, ban the pigs for example. but they berkeras nak jugak. who do we side with? the majority that ‘should be followed’ or the minority who ‘are standing up for their rights’? in the case of france, do you side with the government or the arabs? being muslim you would most probably side with them, but then to be consistent you’d also have to side with the chinese on the pig example tadi (well it can be anything, certainly not pigs. too silly an example sorry). can’t expect people to follow us all the time. put yourself in their shoes and then you’ll see it. it’s integration that we want, not assimilation. the salad bowl, not the melting pot. but the former is a very utopian concept. what can i say, reality is harsh. sorry mengarut. it’s 2 am.

    anip, bila kau fly? ke dah sampai?

  12. anip Says:

    lama dah sampai.esok genapla sebulan aku kat cardiff ni,aku fly 9/4 haritu.

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