9498 stats


suddenly i wonder about out batch. here goes nothing. feel free to correct me.

end 1998 = 178 members.

passed away = 2; allahyarham ray, allahyarham azahari ngatimin. al fatihah…

married = raqib (1 new born daughter), faruq yunus (1 son, one on the way, i think), syafiz (rumors), perut. 

soon to be married = aween this weekend, fuad bakar, dan maoi… hahaha

that's all i can think of. feel free to add anymore info.

-nik anas.


11 Responses to “9498 stats”

  1. maoi Says:

    fuad bakar dh kawin.. zamir pun married jugak… dayat pun married and wife dia dh pregnant.. nawal lagi.. faruq dh ade sorang anak laki.. giant divorced.. soon to be married list ade saad, nad, lair, kandaq..

  2. maoi Says:

    oh ye.. kalo tak silap aku..nik shahrim pun dh kawin

  3. azamshul Says:

    actually we still have our yutloy yahoo groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/yutloy … they have some basic database creation feature which we can use to keep track of each other. its there for us to use, if we want to.

    and add me to the blogroll la … http://blog.azamshul.com T_T

  4. azamshul Says:

    are the comments pending on moderator’s approval? or did my comment just vanished to ether.

  5. maoi Says:

    aku tak tau apsal comment ko yg first tu sangkut.. tapi aku dh approvekan.. suppose all comment akan kuar.. anyway.. aku dh add blog ko kat blogroll.. πŸ™‚

  6. AK Says:

    don’t forget Kandaq, and Komeng. Soon to be marrier, July and June respectively…

  7. nik anas Says:

    asmadib pun dah kawin. haih, dah lepas post baru aku ingat, ramai lagi yang dah kawin. silap la aku gi consult apata, rupanya maoi lebih mengetahui.

  8. fuadfatah Says:

    maoi mmg lebih mengetahui, kerana dia pun akan tergolong dalam golongan2 soon to be married ni dlm masa terdekat ni…sbb itu dia list down sape yg dah kawin, supaya senang dapat tips… πŸ™‚

  9. nik anas Says:

    maoi, nak kambing golek…takde nasik pun takpe, kambing je all the way

  10. maoi Says:

    pata.. whatever laaa..

    anas.. utk lu gua akan sedia kan seekor kambing golek.. lu melantak la puas puas.. hahah..

  11. nik anas Says:

    you da man maoi.

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