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Grumpy Old Men

April 29, 2006

I've just watched this TV show on BBC called Grumpy Old Men. The show revolves around interviewing veteran celebrities on their take on new technologies being available nowadays. How many times have you seen old people struggling to use a computer, a handphone, or even trying to operate a TV using a remote control? As usual, as Britons, these veteran celebrities use very colorful and satirical language, which, adding to their stories of bad experiences using these new gadgets, made the show really funny.

Anyhow, it just made me think what would happen when we reach that sort of age. Say 50 years from now, when there might be freaking flying cars instead of normal road cars. As 75 year old buggers, you just couldn't be bothered to get a new license to be able to drive them, could you? Or probably your children pooling money together to get you one of the newest robotic cyborg maids on the market. Of course you would be so thankful for them to try and make your life easier since those monstrocities definitely would cost a fortune, but I'm sure deep down in our minds, we'd be like "For fuck's sake, why didn't they just get a human maid to look after me?" So for the rest of our lives (which is basically the next couple of years!) we'd be trying our best to learn to operate those robots. And by the time we've got the hang of it, we're dead!

Handphones, hehe sometimes I do feel sorry for my mom or my mother inlaw who tries to send a text message on their handphones. What a struggle. Imagine what it's going to be like for us when we are at that age. I don't know, small implants in you brain so that you can communicate telekinetically? Or probably just handphones which are as small as a toothpick? How the hell are we gonna cope? Instead of video calling, you've got hologram calling. You can barely stand up for the fear of popping one of your vertebraes out, what makes them think that we could be bothered to dress up nicely just for a holographic call?

Well, here's a business idea for you. Why not, when the time comes, create a company that caters exclusively for us, the funny smelling, nearly senile, osteoporosical, grumpy old men of the future? The company would basically use the 20th century technology, which by then would cost peanuts, somehow make it compatible with the latest technology, and sell it cheaply to us. That definitely would be great, wouldn't it? Then we wouldn't feel like a complete idiot in front ouf our children everytime we'd like to use the phone!

Well, I have to say, I do see myself as a person that would embrace change with open arms. Having said that, I've got to be honest, I'm quite dreading what the future holds for us!


9498 stats

April 28, 2006

suddenly i wonder about out batch. here goes nothing. feel free to correct me.

end 1998 = 178 members.

passed away = 2; allahyarham ray, allahyarham azahari ngatimin. al fatihah…

married = raqib (1 new born daughter), faruq yunus (1 son, one on the way, i think), syafiz (rumors), perut. 

soon to be married = aween this weekend, fuad bakar, dan maoi… hahaha

that's all i can think of. feel free to add anymore info.

-nik anas.

Welcome New Author

April 27, 2006

New author added
Welcome Zamir Rashid

Futsal Hari Buruh

April 25, 2006

jgn gaduh gaduh, tak elok.. jom main futsal, lagi best..
When : Saturday, 29th April 2006
Time : 9 pm till 11 pm
Venue : Sports Planet Sunway

harap kehadiran kali ini menggalakkan, lagipun kita sume leh plan nak gi wedding aween ramai-ramai

another bogus scheme.

April 24, 2006

original title was abit personal. got an email promoting some “bukan skim cepat kaya”, which i think it is. any of you received the same email?

this is actually another scam to fool naive people into some bogus schemes. original post was a bit long, prompting some readers to think that this post is something personal. it’s not. just a reminder to all of how people use emails to promote bogus schemes.

this dude promoted a scheme using to get easy money. the basis of the scheme is to put rm5 to five maybank accounts (all of which are strangers, totalling rm25) and then forward the email to as much people as possible, in the hope that some will fall for this scheme and deposit rm5 into your account, the more people fall for this, the more money you get (X number of fools * rm5). that’s it.

-nik anas. people need info. apsal org malas nak post? cmon, it’s 9498, hangat2 tahi ayam. who knows when a new post will be posted?