Koleq’s News…..


SPM 2005 Results:16 students achieved 10A1, 34 achieved 10A.

Sports day and speech day: 8th July 2006

OB Weekend : 14th – 16th April 2006





9 Responses to “Koleq’s News…..”

  1. mckk9498 Says:

    sape tau Aween’s wedding bila….

  2. pata Says:

    30 April 2006

  3. pyanski Says:

    sapa nak gi OBW?

  4. azam jalil Says:

    aku rasa nak pegi,kalau ada kete la

  5. maoi Says:

    ramai ke yg pegi??

  6. hazriq Says:

    eh.. do we have yahoogroup / any sort of email ring amongst us in koleq9498? if any, then i might hv been missed out in the list! plz add me in.

    i rarely xs this wordpress coz i found it not-so user frenly lah. camana nak post things ah? buta it tul!

    on and onwards…

  7. ajak Says:

    No such thing as yahoo group lah. Takde org nak maintan, plus, not enuff support. I prefer wordpress, cuma kna publicize je wordpress ni.
    Nak post kalu, refer here…

  8. ajak Says:

    Sape yg pgi wedding Bard? Takde gbr menarik ke? Maoi..ko kan suka amik gbr..mana gbr nya..

  9. AK Says:

    Sape yg pgi OBW? Kasi update sket lah…

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