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future PM?

March 31, 2006

i see pak lah as too soft a PM. i wonder, would najib or hishamuddin make a good PM in the future? what say you guys?

-nik anas.


Mr. Sam oh Mr. Sam…

March 29, 2006

I watched the news last nite. The issue on MRR2 catches my undivided attention. Especially when Mr. Sam-the undisputed- said..

“Kerajaan sudah buat keputusan..thats the end of the story. You cannot cross examine the government’s decision..”

This -I strongly believes- is absurd. He -I don’t need to say he is not the only one- forget who elected them and who they served for. The government is answerable to the people. They should give answers and explanations when they are due, not just making decisions and then make comments like this.

Mr. Sam is irrelevant nowadays. His bank account and belly grew faster than his brain. Someone should give him a smack on his head and tell him to go away for good. Hope Mr. Islam Hadari (konon) have the guts…


Koleq’s News…..

March 27, 2006

SPM 2005 Results:16 students achieved 10A1, 34 achieved 10A.

Sports day and speech day: 8th July 2006

OB Weekend : 14th – 16th April 2006




Futsal April Fool

March 25, 2006

di atas permintaan ramai, futsal kembali lagi..
When : Saturday, 1st April 2006
Time : 9 pm till 11 pm
Venue : Sports Planet Sunway

tolong la datang ramai ramai.. tak larat beb nak main 6 org je..

where is everybody??

March 22, 2006


what has happened to this blog? has it become “hangat2 tahi ayam”, again? haih…every now and then i open this blog and there is nothing new, ape boring sangat ke batch kita nih? come on people, update, update!

maoi, bila nak buat futsal lagi?