An Invitation from UMNO


Below is the email i received from Hazriq. Come let us all go. It’s time for us to be involved..
Assalamualaikum wbr,
Dear sahabat2,
I am emailing you guys right now is because that I would like to ask any of you who are interested in joining the PUTERA UMNO team for negeri SELANGOR. InsyaAllah we will have the Majlis Pelancaran Putera UMNO peringkat negeri Selangor in April this year. The details are as follows:
– Date: 30 April 2006, Sunday.
– Time: 3.00 p.m [T.B.A]
– Venue: Kompleks Belia, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor.
– Attire: Baju Putera [ will be provided FREE before the majlis] + black (slack / khakis) pants + black shoes.
I am actually looking at gathering around 30-50 “yuppies”; young professionals like us to join PUTERA / PEMUDA UMNO on that day. If the new joinees amounted around that range [30-50], we could have a special session with the YB Menteri Besar Selangor. Then we could perhaps have some informal chit-chat session with him. That is why I would like to gather as many of our friends as possible.
*The Ketua Pemuda UMNO Selangor (Sdr. Abdul Shukur Hj Idros) has informed me that he would arrange the special session with YB Mentri Besar if we could get sufficient number of young professionals on that day.
For current PEMUDA / PUTERA UMNO members, please come along as this is our chance to meet up with officials of UMNO Selangor. For any of you, who have not joined UMNO before, well then this is the good time to do so. The joining form is with me and the joining details are as follows:
– Joining fee: waived. Yepp, the Ketua Pemuda UMNO Selangor has kindly informed me that any new joinees won’t have to pay the joining fee. He will sponsor all the cost, specifically for new yuppies like us. So it is very FREE.
– Entitlements: lifetime membership to both PEMUDA & PUTERA UMNO Malaysia.
– Misc: Photocopy IC (1 copy) – both sides depan-belakang + give me your normal T-Shirt size.
So any of you who are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me by the 15/APRIL/2006 so that we could finalise the application process and etc. And also please don’t forget to bring along the Photostat IC. I shall be contacted at:
HP: 017-333 8171
Email: ,


25 Responses to “An Invitation from UMNO”

  1. pata Says:

    aku berkecuali…gov servant kelas p&p tak dibenarkan berpolitik…

  2. nik anas Says:

    politik?? tidak berminat

  3. litium Says:

    programmer pon sama. tak dibenarkan. huahahua

  4. nik anas Says:

    adiman orang pas weh, mana dia nak join. kalau dia join pun jadi spy?

  5. maoi Says:

    huh… anas ckp org.. dia pun org pas.. komplot ngan adiman

  6. pata Says:

    anas+adiman=pas…ko lak maoi???

  7. maoi Says:

    aku parti bebas.. hahaha

  8. adiman Says:

    ibrahim ali is hot. ahhahahaha

  9. ajak Says:

    Takde org nak pegi ke?I do think we should send some rep there. We are in our mid 20s now. We should contribute more to the nation. This is the time to show that we care. I seriously am considering to go. Come la, show the nation that we care.

  10. zongtwi Says:

    Although aku mmg xleh nak pegi, tp klu aku boleh pegi pun…rasenye dah tawar hati lah nak join bende2 mcm ni. I guess I’m sick and tired of people yg join2 bende mcm ni sbb ade agenda tersendiri…tak kesahlah ape ape pun. Bad experience dengan a certain kelab UMNO luar negara kat UK ni. Walaupun aku sendiri x jadi ahli, tp aku slalu volunteer klu diorg ade buat ape2 function or aktiviti. So mmg baik aa dengan kapla kapla kat sini. Malangnye, sume masuk sbb ade agenda masing2…lubang bisnes lah…nak dapat tiket balik m’sia free lah etc… ade yg siap tipu dalam CV lagi sbb nak sgt jadi presiden kelab. no offence Hazriq, I’m not saying yg ko pun mcm tu just make sure ko join utk try to do your part for the nation, n bukan ade agenda2 busuk yg lain. Bak kate ajak, join to show the nation you care.

    Hope the event goes well, Insha’Allah.

  11. ajak Says: matter where u go, for whatever events, there will always be someone who participates only for their own self-interest. The world is like that and nothing we can do to change it. But we must also remember that there are people who are really sincere. Their intention is nothing but noble and want to really contribute. It is with this kind of people that we should ally ourselves with.
    From my point of view, I believe it’s time for us to participate in the building and protecting the nation. The nation has given us a lot of things. This is the time for us give something back. I dunno about you guys, but I almost cry everytime I watch Bersamamu on TV3. Yeah, maybe I’m a bit sentimental, but I cannot fully comprehend that why there are people whom has to live in such a way, while some others keep on growing their waist and bellies, not forgetting their already bulgy pocket.
    We, the youth are the future of the country. If it is not us, then who are going to build and protect the nation? Enough with saying this and that. It’s time to act….

  12. yuyu Says:

    i dont have enough money to join UMNO.

  13. pata Says:

    i do agree with ajak that it is the time that we should start to participate in the progress of building our beloved country.but that’s not necessarily mean that we have to jump into political parties, only after that we can START contribute to the country. there’s a whole lot of other ways for us contribute.

  14. nik anas Says:

    i think all of us is currently contributing to the country, by working. we are all contributing to our country as working to the best of our capabilities in whatever industry or business we’re in. pata is right, we can still contribute even without joining any parties. any of you guys interested, go ahead, but please do not get involved in any ugly political scenes/issues. jaga nama koleq 🙂

    tv3’s bersamamu. hmm, it’s very heart touching. the host, fifi is smoking hot. 🙂

    maoi, aku bukan pas. aktiviti aku membuktikan aku bukan pas *wink*

  15. pyanski Says:

    it’s a catch-22 situation la. if you really want to make quantum-leap changes in this country, like changing NEPs or revamping the education system, nak tak nak kena la join politik and work your way up.

    but if you really care about the well being of the society, IMHO, you don’t necessarily have to be politically active. if you can sincerely and happily take out a note of fifty ringgit from your wallet and give it to the pakcik selling air bungkus suruh buat beli keperluan sekolah anak dia, then you are a superhero already – regardless of your political ideology.

    Datuk Shahril Samad should become our next PM…sigh…

  16. ajak Says:

    Many of us don’t like politics and we all know why. But we cannot deny the very fact that it is politics that has brought us to where we are today. Without politic, without UMNO, we, the Malays of the country will not be at the level of we are now. Can you all tell me where we will be now if Lee Liong Sik was the PM, not Mahathir. Can you all tell me who will be the KSUs and the KSN be if Sami Velu becomes the one who determines who hold what position in the government. Would DEB be launched if BN was led by MCA/MIC?Saying that, do you think if Dr. Subramaniam becomes the Minister of Education, Malay College will be protected, let alone still exist in 2020?
    Yes, the are a lot of things that could and should be improved. The journey is still far away.
    Of course, there are lots of other ways to contribute, but as Pyan said, politic is the very core of other things. We are from the Malay College. We are supposed to be at the core of our nation. Politic, as dirty as it is, still and will remain as the core of the nation.

  17. En. Zamir Says:

    I do agree with what you’re saying. Of course without UMNO alot of things would be worse then what it is now. Xde sape nak deny that fact. Unfortunately, you can’t deny the fact about the bad things yg have been going on because of that same party. The very fact that most people are joining politics because ade agenda tersendiri tu yg made the whole situation bad. From the lowest level (kelab2 UMNO) to the highest level it’s full of selfish people yg nak ambik kesempatan on their position for their own selfish deeds. Kalau yg lower level, they will suck up and kiss ass org yg level lg tinggi. Yg kat atas plak akan gune kuasa yg diorg ade. And I’m not saying the other parties are any better. PAS ke, Keadilan ke, DAP ke, sume same je. I’ve met so many people yg mcm ni. That’s why kat Malaysia it’s not ‘know how’ that can bring u forward, it’s ‘know who’. I also agree when u say politics is the core of the nation however dirty it may be. But there could be some political parties kat mane2 pun dalam dunia ni which are probably better then others. But I have to say the parties in Malaysia must be among the worst.

    Tp let me also add that I do believe there are some good apples among the bad ones. So ajak n hazriq and whoever yg minat nak join, sile la join and aku akan support depan belakang atas bawah. tp make sure la korg join sbb really want to contribute to your country and not to contribute to your own pockets. All the best.

  18. nik anas Says:

    UMNO dulu2 mmg nk tolong bangsa melayu. it’s the new generation of UMNO that has been littered with people who are in it just for their own agendas up to the level of “menggadai bangsa sendiri”. but as long as the nawaitu is holy, i will support any of 9498 joining UMNO.

    hidup melayu, tapi jangan la malaysia ada ketegangan antara kaum.

  19. hazriq Says:

    assalamualaikum 2 ALL,

    1. thanks to ajak 4 posting my email message to our mckk9498 board, thus makes it easier to spread the words to all of us.

    2. AWEEN – congratulations on your proposed day of kahwin. iAllah ill try to make it to your place on your holy-day. (btw – ko still gomback-clan ke dah pindah umah ke?)

    3. and also thx 4 all of your comments on the UMNO-issue. i would guess that this thing will rcv various comments from all of u guys. actually i am not intending to become an MP / pilihanraya etc etc. i dont have the talent to be one pun! just that i’m joining umno just to socialise with ppl – participate in their activities a bit, here n there – and also to get to know important ppl in the country. nothing extreme and tense here.

    when i return home from aust, the ketua umno cawangan (tempat aku – kuang – kampung jer) had asked me to be the bendahari umno cawangan tu. niat aku; perhaps with my audit-background (a little) i could help the locals with their financial dealing and what not.

    *(sedeh tul aku bila aku baru masuk ey ni, gel lak dah ke uk – hopefully gel has settled down well up there and come back home soon ah)

    although i am lacking in experience here, yet there is a lot of room to learn. whatever yg aku boley tolong – aku tolong lah. diorg ni need our help. (currently, I am also helping the umno committee on “how to be confident to speak english) – politik kampung semua ni should stop and i think i can contribute whatever skills that i have to them.

    4. and lastly i just wanna have a good time with my friends – whereby we can make a gathering, at no cost, and at the same time get to have a quick chit chat with exco pemuda umno selangor. maybe datuk hisham pun ada kot mlm tu – i dunno…. . lama sgt aku x jumpa kwn2 koleq n etc etc… .

    5. other than that, nothing. currently im doing the audit for sapura @ serdang and this ey audit – peak period job is killing me softly. takde masa nak lepak2/ politik ni semua…. .

    wassalam n be safe.


  20. nad Says:

    politik ni bagus. ramai2 budak batch kita reg umno satu bahagian pastu bila mesyuarat pemilihan ajk bahagian naikkan sorg budak batch pastu dari situ kita push sampai member kita ni naik sampai ketua pemuda. tunggu lagi 10-15 tahun budak ni dah jadik dato’ pastu dah jadik ketua bahagian ke adun ke mp ke, pastu semua projek area tu member2 la tapau sama2. pastu area tu makin maju n member kita masuk kabinet kita boleh dapat lesen kontraktor kelas a dpt buat projek nasional n dpt gi listed KLSE. pastu semua org makin kaya pastu kita migrate ramai2 gi mana2 pulau n live happily ever after. 3bulan skali balik tgk kawasan n pancing undi. amacam? aku nak dpt jadik kontraktor kelas a dah la. tak minat nk jadik dato’ ni. hahahah

  21. zongtwi Says:

    hahahah…bagus aa idea ko ni nad…alang2 tu klu ade projek yg bebudak batch xnak amik..then member yg jadik dato’ kat bhgn tu buleh la bukak tender to th sape nak dpt tender tu mesti aa ‘bayar’ sket. x bnyk…dlm 5-10% jadiklah. pastu duit2 ‘extra’ tu buleh la build a Spa kat pulau tu..nak buat ape ape pun buleh. sukati. xde jais ke jaim ke jaij ke sume xde. yelah..kate private island kan? pepandaila hehe… waaa mmg heaven on earth lah tu! xgitu? bile dah ade spa, buleh la buat luxury condo plak..setiap sorg budak batch dpt satu. kire ok aa tuh kan? tp make sure sep duit sket tetiap bulan…sbb bile smpi time election nak kene beli undi…klu sekepala RM100, adela dekat 500,000 nak kene sep. klu x, then xleh aa nak menang next election!


    I would like to join umno but right now i am base at dubai
    maybe i finish my contract end of dec2006 please e-mail
    my age 36yrs GSM +97158024047 malaysian nbr 0123668086

  23. S Zaid Says:

    Don’t you all think that we should be inside to know more? It is unfair to judge without knowing the inner working, leading characters, thinkers and initiative drivers and the mentality of the group majority. Be in the group, and then we decide to stay or to go. There’s nothing to lose.

  24. semaun Says:

    Mind you, but there is something to lose or risk, although none of them are definite. Largely you have to explain yourself to your superior, spouse, family, friends of your actions, and change their impressions towards you, which in turn may change their attitudes towards you. Have an opponent party fan as a superior and if he is slightly less professional and you risk your job. Of course all of these can be avoided with some sweet talking, IF you are that good.

    I don’t mean to scare any of you by my own paranoia, but I think I have to spill some out of my system.

    Think again. (National Geography Channel)

  25. S Zaid Says:

    Well said, but my point being a member, without being a prominent or post holding one. Just get a feeling, the mood and all. It should not put you at risk of clashing affiliations/beliefs.

    By the way, I didn’t realise this topic is like already dead a long time ago, until after I resurrected it this morning. Feels like been living on the moon all this while, but the points given are valid, nonetheless.

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