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Petrol price up by RM0.30

February 28, 2006

Petrol prices are now RM1.92 per liter for RON97 petrol and RM1.88 for RON92. Diesel is RM1.58 per litre now. The more premium RON97 petrol Shell V-Power is a ridiculous RM2.02 a liter now.

Fuel prices last went up on the 31st July 2005, where it was a slight increase of 10 cents for petrol and 20 cents for diesel.

“The prices right now are much closer to the unsubsidised price”

naik la lrt untuk ke ofis anda


– nik anas – naik lrt ke ofis tiap2 hari…hahaha, sep minyak, boleh cuci mata 🙂


chelsea 1 – 2 barcelona

February 23, 2006

bahahaha, padan muko!!

mourinho pissed off at messi’s play acting to get del horny (deliberate typo) sent off. now he knows how rafa benitez felt when robben did the “ouch, i broke my neck” act to get jose reina sent off.

now he’s asking the media to replay the scene at the tv 200 times to get the uefa to do something about it, just like essien’s tackle on didi hamann, which got him a two match euro suspension. dream on jose. essien’s tackle was murderous.

ooh, and he’s asking for a replay because the game was unfair as chelsea had to play with ten men. aaah, from now on, any team who got a player (or two) sent off can ask for a replay, because 11 vs 10 (or less) is not fair. very genius of him to think of that! we can even abolish the red card altogether to ensure every match is a fair one, 11 vs 11.
chelsea’s euro dream is over. barca has got two away goals. chelsea will not get anything at nou camp in the 2nd leg. hah.

nobody hates chelsea, but many don’t like their manager.

-nik anas

New Author

February 21, 2006

New author added
Welcome Fuad a.k.a Apata a.k.a PTD Unggul

srikandi futsal tournament

February 21, 2006

as requested by a certain batch member who declined to be named here, i am posting this on behalf of him. hint:’proud’ (i’m being very “telus” here, hehehe). click on thumbnail for full view, muka promosi & informasi, terma & kondisi, borang penyertaan. susah betul nak upload gambar, tak pandai siot…nasib baik ada ayie, dan juga kaedah cuba jaya.

kerja ku sudah selesai. jangan tanya aku apa2, aku wakil je.

-nik anas

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Golf 9498 .. biar betul??

February 20, 2006

As requested by Lado, tak tau la betul ke tak, he will be organizing Golf 9498

When : 25 February 2006, 7 AM
Venue : Guthrie Golf Club Bukit Jelutong
Info : All Par 3 only, RM 30 for 9 holes.

Lado will provide full details soon..
Kalo tak jadi salahkan Lado, aku hanya penyampai mesej..