man utd 1 – 0 liverpool


title says everything. 🙂 the win may be meaningless to the title race, but it gives some bragging rights to us fans, like me. united played very well towards the end, never giving up on victory, and it came, much to the dismay of liverpool fans.

Rafa was incensed by the foul on Sinama Ponggong Ler by Rooney, but Gerrard were also tackling with the intent to at least break a leg of any united player. frustration of being on the losing side maybe? in the end Gerrard were booked by Mike Riley for showing discontent, AFTER the final whistle was blown. you don’t get booked after the final whistle, that’s just silly.
all in all, the winner deserved to win. yes i know they have two games in hand, but a man utd win against liverpool is always a cause for celebration.

semalam before game Nad ajak aku bet RM2000 utk game nih, rugi sial tak ambik…
-nik anas


6 Responses to “man utd 1 – 0 liverpool”

  1. keewee Says:

    dah basi siot berita nih.. ish2..

  2. anip Says:

    betting itu haram.

  3. yuyu Says:

    alhamdulillah masih ada umat di jalan yang lurus.

  4. anas Says:

    sebab haram la aku reluctant nak accept the bet…eheh

  5. shaze Says:

    chehhh…reluctant kunun ! anyway, lagi 3 hari aku balik KL woohooo!!!!

  6. anas Says:

    haha, sebenarnya sebab malam tu aku tak confident man u bole menang…itu la sebab sebenarnya reluctant…

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