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between admins, authors, and contributors

January 26, 2006

to answer anip’s queries, i think all admins, authors and contributors are empowered to post anything in here. all one must do is go way down the page, and click on “Login”. once you’re in, you will be facing a dashboard, and there will be a link “write a post”, click that. and let your creative mind pour in anything you want to share. ūüôā hope that solves the problem, otherwise, i don’t know, have to ask ayie then.
happy posting y’all.


  1. rajin betul aku post benda2, banyak sangat free time kat opis kot, hehe.
  2. razak, mana sambungan kisah benar anda?
  3. carling cup result: man utd 2 – 1 rovers. man utd advance to final (against wigan) on a 3-2 aggregate win.

isu semasa pilihanku…

January 25, 2006
  1. laporan ketuk ketampi telanjang bulat – prosedur biasa yang tidak perlu dikecohkan. agaknya makin ramailah yang akan berani menyimpan dadah di dalam dubur? isu menjadi hangat kerana video telah tersebar dan wanita bogel tersebut dikatakan seorang cina, selepas terbukti wanita tersebut melayu, terus cina diam tak kata apa.
  2. skuad skodeng – baguslah skuad ini diharamkan oleh kabinet. apa yang cuba dibuktikan jabatan agama islam dengan skuad ini? bukan perkara baru mereka yang menganggotai skuad ini terlebih teruja dengan peranan mereka, menyalahgunakan kuasa, biasalah, lelaki berserban, wanita tudung labuh kadang2 fikir mereka jauh lebih baik dari orang lain, sampai tahap boleh meng”confirm”kan siapa masuk syurga neraka (urusan Allah, bukan?). sudah cukup jawi, polis, dan rukun tetangga menjaga keamanan sosial masyarakat malaysia. seolah – olah orang islam malaysia jahil sangat sampai perlu banyak pemantau kelakuan mereka.
  3. menteri bukan islam hantar memorandum tentang kuasa mahkamah syariah kepada PM – kenapa anda anda yang kafir ini mahu menyibuk pasal mahkamah syariah, yang nyatanya untuk orang islam? ini tentu pasal kes berebut jenazah hari tu.
  4. dr. elie – ini memang kelakar, kaya tapi tak tersenarai dalam majalah Forbes. mengaku membiayai pembinaan jambatan pulau pinang sebanyak rm2 bilion. kos jambatan pulau pinang hanya rm800 juta.
  5. telefon bimbit di sekolah – hilang akalkah, benarkan kanak2 sekolah guna telefon bimbit di sekolah? macam la tak boleh guna telefon awam, atau telefon sekolah?
  6. Ugut isteri edar video mandi bogel, SUBANG JAYA 24 Jan. (utusan malaysia online) – Seorang lelaki mengugut akan mengedarkan klip video isterinya yang sedang mandi berbogel jika mangsa terus mendesak untuk meminta cerai daripada suspek dalam kejadian di Taman Putra Heights, Puchong di sini baru-baru ini. pengajarannya di sini, jangan biarkan pasangan anda mengambil gambar anda dalam keadaan yang lucah. hahaha
  7. Indonesia benarkan Playboy dipasarkan di sana – tak boleh cari makanlah penerbit2 buku novel lucah di sana, hahaha. tapi dalam suratkhabar tulis, versi indonesia tidak akan ada gambar bogel, ehem ehem, apa guna playboy tanpa gambar bogel? hihi

man utd 1 – 0 liverpool

January 23, 2006

title says everything. ūüôā the win may be meaningless to the title race, but it gives some bragging rights to us fans, like me. united played very well towards the end, never giving up on victory, and it came, much to the dismay of liverpool fans.

Rafa was incensed by the foul on Sinama Ponggong Ler by Rooney, but Gerrard were also tackling with the intent to at least break a leg of any united player. frustration of being on the losing side maybe? in the end Gerrard were booked by Mike Riley for showing discontent, AFTER the final whistle was blown. you don’t get booked after the final whistle, that’s just silly.
all in all, the winner deserved to win. yes i know they have two games in hand, but a man utd win against liverpool is always a cause for celebration.

semalam before game Nad ajak aku bet RM2000 utk game nih, rugi sial tak ambik…
-nik anas


January 23, 2006

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder……….

¬†I’m not sure whether u all might have heard the term, let alone having understand the term. I would just cut it plain and simple. PSTD is a really shitloaded disturbing feeling a person has, after experiencing a really traumatic experience. The incident usually involves life and death. The incident occured will plays on and on and on and on in the latter’s head. While the effects, severity of the condition¬†and the period depends on the person,patients having PSTD will have the tendency to have nightmares, unexplained anger, hatred, etc.., and a whole lot of side negative effects that causes lost of concentration which effecting their social and professional life.

As said, the incident occured plays on and on in the mind. Sometimes it just came but most of the time it is triggered by specific events that are related directly to the incident. Smells, sounds, environment, lighting..all can contribute to¬†it.¬†All of which the person try so much to avoid. Asking this people to directly go¬†back to the moment of the incident to¬†describe the events is actually asking¬†him to relive the painful moment he actually wants to forget.¬†It feels like he is experiencing the moment once again and he can actually experience the sight and feels first hand.Those who has the courage to actually relive and tell the story¬†is a really courageous,¬†strong person. There is too much pain to¬†associate with the event. Too much¬†feelings, emotions,anger…

¬†While many of the latter’s friend and relative might want to hear the story of the unfortunate people, it¬†is actually not the¬†best thing to do. He might¬†or might not tell you the¬†actual events. He might tell you halfway and stops. That is not important. The most important is for you to stand beside¬†him and help him him to move on with life.¬†It’s easy to be a friend, it’s not easy to be an understanding friend……¬†


The unfortunate 2nd day of the year..

January 18, 2006

So I guess it was a good dinner. My congratulations to the organizers and all the attendees. My apologies to all of you for not being able to make it due to the bit of a problem on my side.

Well… some of you might have heard the story and had been wondering what exactly happened to me, so this is the original uncut/un-added version of my story‚Ķ¬† It was around 1 am on the 2nd day of 2006 when me and my gf arrived at the apartment from our late supper. As I don‚Äôt have the access card, I have to park outside the apartment, by the road. We did a bit of a shopping earlier, so it takes us quite some time to tidy up the car and pick everything. Finished packing everything, I locked the door. It was at that time that I heard there was some kind of a commotion behind me. I turned and there was already a parang in front of my face. I was surprised. Out of no where these 2 Chinese wields a parang in front of my gf and my face each. I stepped back from the car, trying to figure out what is happening. One of the bastard followed me, while the other one¬†sticks with my gf. Only when the bastard that followed me said ‚ÄúDuit‚ÄĚ did I realized that they are robbers. I backed up until the other side of the road while trying to reach to my wallet. During this, a Wira passes by. Seeing what was happening, it slowed a bit, avoided me and the bastard, and then sped off. Yes, the guy sped off without doing anything. And I guarantees you that it would be impossible for him to miss out what actually is happening, unless he has a down syndrome or a mind of a donkey.¬† ¬†

By this time, I‚Äôd manage to pull out my wallet out of the pocket. I took the 2 $50 bills from the wallet and showed them to the bastard. The bastard then, tried to grab the money. It was at this time I heard a shout. I looked at my gf and saw she’s speaking something to the fucking bastard. She looks very scared and all of the sudden my fighter instinct start to kicks in. It told me to fight. I thought..Who the hell does this bastard think he is, trying to rob from me. I ain’t going down without a fight.

In an automatic reflect, I tried to grab the parang from the bastard thinking that he is too obsessed by the money I’m holding to stay alert. I managed to grab a hold of the parang. He was shocked.¬†He pulled himself away from me and¬†managed to let the parang loose¬†from my grip.¬†But somehow, he fell. I might have pushed or punched him which explained why he fell but I can’t remember exactly what had happened. At this time I’m already on top of him. The bastard yelled something. I looked up and saw the other bastard ran towards me wielding his parang high in the air. Seeing this,I know it’s the time for me to run. I can handle 1. But 2 bastard with such a big parang is too much for me. Plus, my gf has already managed to get away. Keeping her safe and sound is my priority at the time.

…….wait out for the 3rd sequel. coming to you soon…


-ajak-¬†ehehe ūüėõ