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December 30, 2005

New posting on MCOBA blog site. Have a peek…


Year End Futsal

December 19, 2005

When : Saturday, 24th December 2005
Time : 10 pm till midnight
Venue : Sports Planet Sunway
datangla beramai ramai


December 19, 2005

New links added : 9498 Fotopage, The Lighter Side of MCOBA
New user (editor) : Maoi, welcome!
More contributors please!

Rock The World 6

December 16, 2005

The same bands again? Infesting school kids trying very hard to look like My Chemical Romance? So why bother? One word man, Furniture. Actually it is two words, free ticket 🙂 so who is going?
– ayie


December 16, 2005

Currently the site has 2 administrators (ayie and ajak) using the same ‘mckk9498’ account. We are badly needing more contributors / authors for the site. Unfortunately, we can only add users that are registered WordPress members. If you have already registered then email us your username (at or If not, you can register at It is fast and free. Thanks.
– ayie